BM Incoming is a travel agency.

The purchase of BM Incoming services implies the customer's complete acceptance of the BM Incoming general conditions of transport and services and the unreserved acceptance of all the provisions set out in the general conditions.

BM Incoming will be able to update at any time the conditions defined herein. Thus, we urge our Internet users to come back and visit them during each of their visits.

General information

BM Incoming
Company Servitur Costa Brava S.L.
Vila de Lloret 169
17300 BLANES
Telephone +34 633 866 456

Intellectual property

All data, texts, information, images, photographs or any other content disseminated on the site is protected by intellectual property law. Therefore, users can only use these items for exclusively private purposes (family circle).

With the exception of the above provisions, any reproduction, representation, use or adaptation, in any form whatsoever, of all or part of the elements of the site without the written agreement of BM Incoming constitutes an act of infringement Sanctioned by the Code of Intellectual Property.

All brands (brand names and logos) and any other distinctive signs that appear on our site are the property of BM Incoming or its partners. Consequently, any reproduction and / or representation, and any use of these distinctive signs are prohibited, unless written authorization of their holder.

Protection of your personal data

In the context of using the services available on its website, BM Incoming may collect and process personal data concerning you. BM Incoming is committed to the respect of the rules of protection of the privacy and the data. All the data processing operations implemented within the framework of the website respect the provisions of the UE laws as amended and Spanish Law 15/1999, December 13th.

What is the purpose of the data that BM Incoming collects?

The personal data that you are likely to communicate to us on the site are mainly used for the provision of specific services or services: transport service or services, prospecting, loyalty, animation, commercial information, statistical studies.
Your data can also be used to enable you to benefit from all the services or services available on the BM Incoming website.
Finally, your data can be used to facilitate the completion of the administrative formalities relating to immigration and entry, prevention of delinquency and the fight against fraud, security and Transportation and services security.
Any incident occurring during the execution of the contract of carriage and likely to affect the safety or security of a transport or service may be the subject of a computer recording.

Who is likely to access your personal data?

The data collected on the BM Incoming website may be communicated to the authorized staff of BM Incoming, its partners (accredited agents, transporters, etc.) or its ancillary service providers, as part of the fulfillment of all or part of the benefits referred to above.
In addition, in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in United Kingdom, Spain and internationally, BM Incoming may be required to provide personal information to authorized British, Spanish or foreign public authorities (customs, etc.). This is the case, for example, for compulsory immigration formalities or for the prevention and combating of terrorism or other serious offenses.
Some of the addressees mentioned above are likely to be established outside the European Union and to have access to all or part of the personal information collected by BM Incoming (name, first name, passport number, trip details or service , Etc.), to the good performance of the contract of carriage or service or due to a specific legal entitlement.

How to exercise your rights?

In accordance with the UE laws and the Spanish LORTAD, you have access rights, rectification, deletion or opposition to the data concerning you. These rights are exercised by mail to the following address: BM Incoming - IT Correspondent - Vila de Lloret 169 - 17300 Blanes.
BM Incoming reserves the right to use your data or to communicate it to its partners in order to send you suitable commercial offers, unless you object to your data collection. When required by law, your data will only be used for electronic prospecting purposes only after your explicit consent has been obtained. This can be revoked at any time upon request from you.
The collection of certain personal data is essential to enable access to certain services or services (special service, medical assistance, etc.). You can naturally exercise your right to object to the collection and processing of this data, but this may lead to the impossibility of benefiting from these services or benefits. In accordance with British, Spanish and international laws and regulations, the lack of communication or the inaccuracy of certain data may lead to a decision of refusal of service or entry into a foreign territory (eg by decision of a Customs), without BM Incoming's liability being incurred.

IT Security

Ensuring the security and confidentiality of the personal data you entrust to us is a priority for BM Incoming. We take all necessary precautions, in view of the nature of the personal data that you give us and the risks presented by the processing, to preserve the security of your personal data and in particular to prevent them from being distorted, damaged, or that unauthorized third parties have access to it.
The security and confidentiality of personal data is based on good practice. This is why we advise you not to pass your passwords on to third parties, to log out of your profile and to close your browser window at the end of your work session, especially if you use a computer shared with others for internet access. This will prevent users from accessing your personal information.
To know the best security practices to apply, we invite you to consult the Official security considerations for common enterprise IT decisions.
The general conditions relating to certain services or services accessible from the websites of BM Incoming are likely to define more precise terms of collection and use of your personal data.


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